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Feb 18, 2013 Content Marketing , 1 Comment

Vlog Boss Studios is pleased to present a new Twitter chat for businesses and brands looking to learn more about video content creation. From coming up with ideas to deciding on the right tools, choosing a platform to promotional strategy. #VlogChat is going to be the place to be to discuss this form of multimedia and how to implement it into your marketing plan.

The chat was originally proposed to the audience of Savvy Sexy Social because of the great amount of video that is used to grow community on that site. They made it clear that this would be a successful activity to implement because of how many brands realize video would position them uniquely if they knew how to attack it effectively for their audience.

So Vlog Boss Studios will be moderating #VlogChat every Tuesday at 4pm EST. \

Some tips if you’re not familiar with Twitter chats:

  1. Make sure to add it to your calendar repeating weekly with a desktop reminder so you don’t forget
  2. Check out my video on Savvy Sexy Social explaining what a Twitter chat is and how they work
  3. The best 3rd party platform to use when you’re Twitter chatting is Tweetchat. It updates as frequently as you’d like it to making it easy to stay on top of a fast flowing conversation. It also automatically adds the hashtag at the end of your sentence so you don’t have to remember.

Our first chat is tomorrow. Will we see you there?


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